Alchemy Growth Partners has three core beliefs about how leaders build successful and enduring businesses.

    1. GROWTH

    As a company’s core businesses mature, it must build new businesses to take their place. What distinguishes the corporations that keep their momentum is their ability to establish and build these new businesses, even as they grow their core businesses. The “Three-Horizons” is a model we created to help executives manage a growth pipeline and to accelerate the growth of new businesses.



    There’s no such thing as a growth industry; and no such thing as an industry without growth. The fact is that growth patterns are most visible when you take a more granular perspective and look for pockets of opportunity that present above average growth prospects. The secret to above-average growth performance lies in these where-to-compete choices. We have created a granular operating system for managing growth in large companies.


    3. AS ONE


    Collective leadership is all about getting a cohesive group of people to work together productively towards a common goal. We think of large companies as a collection of small communities. Our As One approach helps chief executives to draw on hundreds of leaders to in turn engage thousands of people in the same inspiring direction.








    Alchemy Growth Partners has five principles for creating successful and enduring relationships with our corporate clients. We will engage with senior executives as their growth partner if and only if we can confirm these foundation principles:


    We only commit to work with a handful of companies. We select larger companies based on our confidence to generate transformational impact over 3 to 5 years. We choose smaller companies based on our confidence to dramatically grow the market value of the entity.


    Mutual trust and respect lie at the very core of any successful partnership. We seek relationships where our skills and integrity are valued; and equally, where we feel confident about the leadership capacity and style of the senior team.



    Growth and transformative change, by definition, involve time horizons of at least several years. To deliver the quality of impact we desire, we prefer to establish 3 to 5 year relationships that allow us to ensure maximum impact.




    We aspire to enhance the personal effectiveness of the top executives in our partner companies. We seek out leaders who value regular private interactions with open and frank dialogue and collaborative problem solving.



    Leaders must imbue growth strategies with their hopes and dreams. We seek to support inspiring leaders with the acumen, vision and strength to sustain organizations for many years, and whose passion for their business we personally share.







    Alchemy Growth Partners works in partnership with the leaders of leading companies to make deep and lasting contributions to their growth, innovation and business building initiatives. Working with Alchemy Growth Partners is more like appointing an “executive-in-residence” for three to five years; not like retaining management consultants for a specific project.


    Our ongoing support typically involves a mix of the following advisory services over our engagement period:

    Growth Leadership

    Regular counselling across a broad range of issues both business and personal. Sounding board for any initiative or decision. Practices to improve performance, time management, communications, and stamina.

    Growth Strategy

    Striking the right balance between creativity and pragmatism. Choosing among multiple growth paths in an intelligent manner based on superior insight. Creating an inspiring and compelling story for internal and external audiences.

    Growth Architecture

    Generating sustainable growth by motivating leaders to grow a connected set of small communities. Designing an organisation architecture around self-generating communities within an effective enterprise.


    Strategic Radar

    Engaging intensively with a diverse set of external experts to gain foresight about market-shaping discontinuities and megatrends. Forging an action plan to position the company well in the changing world.

    Commercialisation and New Business Building

    Confirming of target market needs and buying attributes. Analysis of competitive positioning. Use of network to open doors for big new accounts and investors. Commercialisation roadmap based on capital available.



    Mehrdad is Chairman of Alchemy Growth Partners, a boutique advisory firm. Mehrdad advises large companies on their growth strategies and business building initiatives. He specialises in strategy in turbulent environments and the design of enterprise operating systems for growth.


    He is a frequent lecturer and writer on management theory especially in the growth strategy domain. He is co-author of the New York Times bestseller As One as well as international bestsellers The Alchemy of Growth and The Granularity of Growth. Previously, he was a partner in the Sydney and Toronto offices of McKinsey and Company and co-leader of the Firm’s worldwide Growth Practice.


    Mehrdad also serves as a venture partner with a number of Silicon Valley technology ventures as well as a few promising Australasian start-ups. Mehrdad received a B.S.E. with highest honours from Princeton University, an M.P.P. as a Kennedy Fellow at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government and a J.D. with high honours at Harvard Law School.


    Ben is Managing Partner of Alchemy Growth Partners, a boutique advisory firm. He has twenty-five years of corporate strategy, strategy execution and transformation experience.


    In his corporate career and as a consultant, Ben has worked throughout Asia (China, Singapore, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Korea, Japan), the US and UK, specialising in growth strategy, M&A strategy, commercial & operational due diligence, strategy execution and organisational transformation. He was a partner at Deloitte Consulting and leader of the Australian Growth Practice and of Deloitte Ventures.


    He is a highly analytical decision-maker with extensive experience both as a C-level adviser and as a leader building, turning around, and operating companies, along with proven history of commercialising new ideas and leading in dynamic and diverse circumstances.




    Roya is the Design Director for Alchemy Growth Partners and the High Resolves Intitiative. In her capacity as Design Director, she is responsible for the overall identity and image of the firm including the presentations, printed material and packaging design/identity for our various projects and investments.


    Roya has two degrees in architecture from the University of Sydney, has taught design communications and worked in various design fields. Using her experience and training in architecture, as well as post-graduate training in new media at the beginning of the internet revolution, Roya founded Creative Storm in Toronto, Canada in 1995. Creative Storm was a company that specialised in creating compelling interfaces and experiences for new media.


    Over her career, Roya has also created numerous corporate and personal identities and logos, and been engaged in various other graphic design projects. Her designs are distinguished by combining her own contemporary calligraphy and use of traditional hand-made papers and other materials in her unique modern style.


    Nichole is the Business Manager for Alchemy Growth Partners. She is responsible for all operational and administrative aspects of the firm. Prior to joining Alchemy Growth Partners, Nichole worked previously at the CSIRO, Australia’s national science agency, where she managed the Business Development & Commercialisation office as well as supporting Mehrdad across all his responsibilities as an Executive Director.


    Nichole has over 20 years experience having worked in various industries, ranging from entertainment, travel, professional services and the public sector. During this time, she has demonstrated strong administration and organisational skills and an ability to forge strong relationships.





    AS ONE

    New York Times, Wall Street Journal and USA Today bestseller. Order As One



    An international best seller, The Alchemy of Growth has been published in over ten languages. Order The Alchemy of Growth



    The recently published sequel, The Granularity of Growth, has been released in various editions around the world.

    Order The Granularity of Growth: US edition

    Order The Granularity of Growth: UK edition




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