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Alchemy Growth Partners has three core beliefs about how leaders build successful and enduring businesses.

1. Growth
As a company’s businesses mature, it must build new ones to take their place. What distinguishes the corporations that carry on growing is their ability to establish and build new businesses, even as they grow their core businesses. The “Three-Horizons” model is a framework created to help executives manage a pipeline of growth.

2. Granularity
There’s no such thing as a growth industry; and no such thing as an industry without growth. The fact is that growth patterns are most visible when you take a more granular perspective and look for pockets of opportunity that present above average growth prospects. The secret to above-average growth lies in these where-to-compete choices.

3. As One
Collective leadership is all about getting a cohesive group of people to work together productively towards a common goal. The pinnacle of leadership is the ability to engage thousands of people in the collective direction of the organisation.







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